If you are using AppSense Environment Manager personalization to persist user settings within Internet Explorer you might experience a slow or hanging Internet Explorer i.e. while opening a new tab. This might be paralleled by a steady CPU usage of 25% by iexplore.exe for about 30 seconds. Also quitting Internet Explorer leaves the process itself for about 30 seconds on 25% CPU usage til it eventually quits.

In my case this was induced by a registry key with much data in it. I did not count the items but you will notice as you encounter this problem and take a look into the key.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TabbedBrowsing\NewTabPage\Exclude

As far as I am concerned the key NewTabPage holds information about often used pages a user gets presented if he opens a new tab within Internet Explorer. The sub key Excludes contains all the pages a user ticked off so it will never be shown again as an often used page.

Long story short deleting the key solved the issue for the user. I am not quite sure If there are subpar configurations for the Internet Explorer but I never encountered such an issue before and neither did after so I expect this to be a one time thing which might have happened because of a prior misconfiguration.

If the issue arises again and there are additional information be sure I will post them here or in a follow up article.

I would like to add that although on first sight it seems obvious that this issue is related to AppSense Environment Manager personalization this issue might as well occur on other systems without using this shiny software.


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