Just a short one here.

Lately I had to configure an AppSense Personalization database on a SQL Cluster 2008 R2. Indeed this should be easy but the database and log file should go into specific directories and this appeared not to be as easy as I hoped it to be.

So I precreated the DB and tried to configure it via the AppSense Personalization configuration. Unfortunately this ended in errors. After some back and forth I edited the SQL servers standard directories. The DB was created successfully but then again not as expected in the given default directory but in the standard SQL default directory. I made sure that I restarted the instance service after changing the default directory but that did not help either.

After a while I thought „what the heck?“, created the DB by the AppSense Personalization configuration in the default directory then detached the DB, moved the files in the correct directories and reattached it.

Disconnecting the DB in the AppSense Personalization configuration and reconnecting it did the trick and everything worked as expected and my DB files where save in place.

Maybe I did something wrong at some point or there is a better way of doing it and I would appreciate everyone to comment how this might have been accomplished better but this worked, so no worries here.

By the way…

Changing the default SQL database directory works like a charm for the Performance statistics collection database even if that happened because I forgot to revert the SQL server back 😉

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