If you have ever used Citrix User Profile Management you might have taken the adm file and sooner or later found out that you had to exclude some files or folders. Sure you would use a group policy and be happy that your desired action was acknowledged.

But if you now will take a look in your profiles folder one week later it will start to burst because it got bigger and bigger.

How did that happen?

To get to the point you will have to know that the profile management service will get its configuration data from an ini file unless a setting is specified elsewhere as for example a group policy!

So as long as you do not alter any exlcusions the default ones from the ini file will take action but as soon as you specified one yourself in a group policy the default ones are out of the game!

In conclusion you will have to copy all default exlcusions to your group policy settings to not get in trouble. If you do not wanna use some of those default settings you can just leave them out. This counts for registry ex- and inclusions either.

Try and have a look in the documentation where all default ex- and inclusions are listed.


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