Lately I described how to load balance with showing your virtual servers your clients IP and how you are able to redirect the traffic flow directly to your client using MAC based redirection. This approach was because sometimes you do not wanna use manual routes or your NetScaler as your Gateway on your virtual servers which you have to do if you were just using USIP.

Load balancing your TFTP servers is a great idea but with not wanting to use your NetScaler as your Gateway or trying to achieve that your TFTP server will answer your clients directly you might wanna use USIP and DSR again.

You can accomplish this by creating a load balancing virtual server as described in my previous article here. This is how your network configuration can and your alterations should look like:

TFTP interfaces


In addition you have to make the TFTP server listen on the loopback IP address as otherwise you will not succeed. With the Citrix Provisioning Services TFTP server this is fairly easy even if I at first edited the registry directly which is not needed! There is a cpl with which you are able to set some properties and you should use it. But even if you are able to check more than one network card unfortunately it is not possible to bind this TFTP with more than one.

%programfiles%\Citrix\Provisioning Services\Tftpcpl.cpl

From there you are able to set some options but for most purposes it will be enough to maybe enable logging at times or in our attempt to switch the network card to which the TFTP service is bound to. You will have to restart your TFTP service after that!

TFTP Network interface selection

TFTP server logging settings

If you want to you are now able to check wether your configuration worked. Just use any TFTP client you can get your hands on. I am using the one which is delivered with windows itself. With Windows 2008 R2 and 7 you can install one as a feature.

using TFTP get

Always mind your network!

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