I did customize quite a bit of my NetScaler Gateway and aaa server lately and struggled a long time with getting it right. After I went nearly insane I finally figured out what I missed!

Apart from changing some looks via CSS or replacing pictures I also used some rewrites to customize some login text for language reasons. After some changes within CSS or pictures did not show up within seconds I always suspected my browsers cache or some other spooky stuff to be the issue and in the end often restarted my NetScaler, flushed my cache and went on.

As I am not quite the html guy and thus do sometimes struggle with deep rewrites I did always thought that I was the issue when my desired custom language text did not show up now and then but soon I discovered a principle within what happened.

After restarting my NetScaler and browsing on my site with language A everything showed as expected. Using a different browser and even a different computer as I found out changing the language did not work after all. Funnily enough already, I noticed that some part of my login mask showed the desired language and one seemed to be stuck!

Long story short after inspecting every rewrite action for the hundreds time and how and where I linked it I finally stumbled upon my NetScaler edition which is Platinum and soon discovered that the java script file which content I was rewriting was being cached!

While digging deeper I noticed that some nice programmer did indeed include all VPN (this includes aaa and Gateway) servers within integrated caching which I am using on purpose.

That being said I wondered why someone would do that because those files are already saved on the NetScaler, so why caching those? I did not came up with a reasonable answer but just did exclude my NetScaler Gateway and aaa server FQDNs and am lucky now that this will not bother me anymore.

The technical reason why my first hit with language A did remain persistent but only for some part of the login mask is that I changed only two password fields name and not the username. This lead to a cached rewritten java script file with a non dynamic (my rewrite) and a dynamic part (original content).


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