To successfully configure a working Citrix Access Gateway connection while using the Citrix WebInterface running on a Citrix NetScaler without manual configuration you need to check the option „Trust SSL certificate“.

As soon as you have tried to complete the configuration wizard you might fall over the error message „Import SSL certificate failed. Following command execution failed:…“ thus soon be visiting CTX127615.

You can try to edit the java certificate store or spare yourself some time and possibly a headache and try the following solution first.

The mentioned error message does also arise if your certificate does comprise out of one file containing both the private key and certificate.

The solution after knowing that is as easy as separating the private key and certificate as this in fact is the solution. After reimporting the split certificate and going through the WebInterface wizard again you have a good chance of successfully getting your installation up and running soon.

Hint: In most cases you can separate your private key and certificate by just copying the content of your initial file in two individual ones. If you are using a RSA private key you will find its beginning marked with „BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY“.


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