At least since you have implemented your first XenApp 6 farm you should have wondered how you will migrate your users from your old farm to your new one. As we all now you cannot run a XenApp 6 server in any other XenApp farm. So a classic migration is not an option.

You sure are already using a XenApp Web or Services site so you are good to go from here and learn two nice option as far as I am concerned.

Migrate by application

If you will name your applications the same in your old and new farm and place them in the same folder you just are a few tasks short of showing your users the old applications as long as there is not the same published in your new farm.

  1. Configure your XenApp 6 farm as the first farm and your old one as the second in your farm configuration of your chosen XenApp Web or Services site
  2. Open your Webinterface.conf file in your conf directory of the corresponding site i.e. \inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\XenApp\conf
  3. Search for the line # SuppressDuplicateResources=Off and change the value to On
  4. run IISRESET

There is already an article about that so you might take a look at it as there are some screenshots to illustrate what will happen CTX126805.

Migrate by group

This second method will be preferred by all of you who like to migrate a bunch of users at once with all their desired applications and if you do it right still have the possibility to migrate them back with only a few clicks.

At first you will have to configure your old and new farm as described in the above section and make sure that your XenApp 6 farm is sitting in front.

Now you will have to open your Webinterface.conf and search for Farm1. You will find a line similar to this:,, Name:XenApp,XMLPort:8080,Transport:HTTP,SSLRelayPort:443, BypassDuration:5,LoadBalance:Off,TicketTimeToLive:200, RADETicketTimeToLive:200

If not already present you will add a line starting with Farm1Groups and then add the corresponding group where your users will be members if they should start published applications from this farm.


You can define more than one group, separated by comma.


After that you should find at the end of your config file an entry named Farm2.,,Name:GEC-XA-Farm, XMLPort:8081,Transport:HTTP,SSLRelayPort:443, BypassDuration:5,LoadBalance:Off,TicketTimeToLive:200, RADETicketTimeToLive:200

Again add a line but sure now for Farm 2 with your desired groups.


Now do an IISRESET and test your implementation. You will see that you will get all published applications when your user is in groups of both Farms and as you might have already expected only the applications of Farm 1 if you are only in one of their groups and none of Farm 2 and vise versa.

You are now ready to migrate your users at a group level.

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